ET-LAL500 Panasonic Replacement Lamp for PT-LB360U,PT-LB330U,PT-LW330U,PT-TW341RU,PT-TW340U,PT-TW250


ET-LAL500 Panasonic Projector Lamp Replacement. Projector Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original Ushio Bulb Inside.


Work With:

Panasonic PT-LB280U

Panasonic PT-LB300

Panasonic PT-LB300U

Panasonic PT-TW250

Panasonic PT-TW340

Panasonic PT-TW341R

Panasonic PT-TW341RU

Panasonic PT-TX210

Panasonic PT-TX210U

Panasonic PT-TX310

Panasonic PT-TX310U

Panasonic PT-TX400

Panasonic PT-LB280

Panasonic PT-LB330

Panasonic PT-LB360

Panasonic PT-LW280

Panasonic PT-LW330

Panasonic PT-TW342

Panasonic PT-TW343R

Panasonic PT-TX312

Panasonic PT-TX400U

Panasonic PT-TX402

Panasonic PT-X2730 STC

Panasonic PT-LB360J

Panasonic PT-LB412J

Panasonic PT-LW330J

Panasonic PT-LW362J

Panasonic PT-TW341RJ

Panasonic PT-TW343RJ

Panasonic PT-LB332U

Panasonic PT-X3231STC

Panasonic PT-LB412

Panasonic PT-LW333

Panasonic PT-TW351R

Panasonic PT-X412C

Panasonic PT-LB303

Panasonic PT-LB353

Panasonic PT-LB383

Panasonic PT-LB423

Panasonic PT-LW373

Panasonic PT-X330C

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